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Alberta Open Farm Days

On August 13, 2022 (9am-5pm), we are participating in Alberta Open Farm Days!  Join us at the farm for farm tours, workshops, and tons of family fun.


Workshop Schedule:

10 am - The Garden as an Ecosystem

11 am - Cattle Handling Demonstration

2 pm - Wild "Crops"

3 pm - Cattle Handling Demonstration

All scheduled events and tours are free. 


All Day:

Farm Tours

Self-Directed Tours:

     Take a walk and view our farm through our "Peek at Agriculture" displays.  You'll see the cows and garden, a variety of farm equipment, and you'll get a lesson in bovine anatomy.

Guided Tours:

     If one of our farm experts is available, we would love to show you around the farm.  You'll get everything you would from the self-directed tour, plus you'll learn a little bit about the history of our family farm.

Children's Activities

You'll find our children's activities on the lawn by the farm house.

  • Seed Matching

  • Bean Planting

  • Scavenger Hunt

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Self-Directed Tour Map and Guide

Scavenger Hunt

Note: There will be paper copies at the gate if you desire.

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