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Eating Education

We love to try new things with food and find fantastic new flavours!  We want our customers and friends to have these great experiences too, so we have created "Eating Education," a fun way to learn new things and have exceptional eating experiences!

We have three new email programs starting up in July 2021.  Use the form below to sign up for any or all of them!

In-Season Eating


You'll receive a weekly email for 16 weeks (beginning July 7), which will teach you how to prepare the foods that are in-season in central Alberta (these are the foods you might receive in your Produce Boxes).

Cooking through a Quarter


You'll receive a monthly email for 6 months (beginning July 5), which will teach you how to prepare various cuts of beef (such as you might find in your freezer after purchasing a mixed quarter of beef).

Adventure Eaters!


You'll receive a weekly email for 12 weeks (beginning July 9), which will teach you how to eat something you may not have considered a food item.  Are you adventurous enough for this?

Note: All food items covered will come with appropriate instructions and warnings.  All are of the plant variety.

Eating Education Email Form

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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