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Once again, we are partnering with neighbouring farms to bring lamb to your table!  Please check this web page for butcher dates and other details as they become available.


Meat will not be delivered or available for pick-up until it is paid in full.  


Butcher dates for 2023:

Winter - TBA

Spring - TBA

Standard Order (1/2 Lamb or Whole Lamb):

  • Shoulder cut into roasts (3 lbs) and steaks (2/pkg)

  • Rack cut into lamb chops (2/pkg) - no rack of lamb

  • Ribs cut into regular rib steaks (2/pkg)

  • Whole leg of lamb

  • Trim cut into stew meat (1-lb packages)

  • Shank and neck steak included

  • No ground meat or soup bones included

Fresh or frozen?

For all orders, we will assume that you are fine with receiving the meat frozen.  However, if you prefer to receive the meat fresh, please let us know.  

Fresh meat will have to be picked up or delivered on the day the meat is cut and wrapped. That day is determined by the butcher, which means you will need to be flexible and ready to receive your meat with very little notice.  Meat that cannot be received immediately will be frozen.

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