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Contest: Name the Bulls

We have two new herd bulls at Ehrenholz Farms!  Thank-you to everyone who participated in our contest to give our new bulls names!  You can check out their new names below!

Bachelor #1: GLT Quantock 88D

This handsome young fellow is a yearling bull.  He is a white Charolais.  He is polled (has no horns) and is likely to sire smaller calves that should grow well.

You'll have to excuse his muddiness - he decided to lie down in the trailer on the way to the farm.

New Name: Marshall

Submitted by: Andrew R.

Bachelor #2: H70 Quantock GR 842C

This dashing bachelor is two years old.  He is a mixed breed, having a Gelbvieh sire and a Red Angus dam.  His daughters should stay for a long time in the herd and his sons should grow well to produce more delicious Ehrenholz Beef.

New Name: Charger

Submitted by: Jayden R.

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