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Peek at Agriculture

Welcome to our farm!  We're so excited to be hosting you for Alberta Open Farm Days!
If you have found this page, you might be ready to embark on a self-guided tour around the farm.  Follow the map below to find the windows and displays around the farm, where you can safely view our cattle, machinery, and more.
Please do not cross any fences or open any gates.   

Farm Guide:
A.  The Market Garden

Market Garden Description

B. Beef Cattle

Beef Cattle Description

C. Bovine Anatomy
     We have no audio or printed description for this section.  Enjoy checking out our display and learning all you can from it!

Open Farm Days 2022 Map.jpg

D. Pastures

Pasture Description

E. Farm Machinery  

Equipment Introduction
Seed Drill Description
Hay Rake Description
Baler Description
Tractor Description
Swather Description
Combine Description
Auger Description
Grain Truck Description
Sprayer Description
Bale Wagon Description
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