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About Ehrenholz Farms

At Ehrenholz Farms, we want you to know who we are and why we farm the way we do.  If you have any questions for us, please contact us and we will do our best to answer.
Ehrenholz Farm Yard

Ehrenholz Farms was established in the Lawton community of  Barrhead County in 1952 and has been raising quality grain and beef products ever since.  The original homestead, built by Ewald's father, John, has been dismantled and the family now lives on the next quarter section to the west in the house that John built in the 1960s.  Since coming to Canada, the Ehrenholz family has been building the farm up to be more productive and has been caring for the land to pass it on to the next generation.


The current owner of Ehrenholz Farms, Valerie Ehrenholz, is the third generation of Ehrenholz to farm this land.  She took over the farm from her father, Ewald, in 2017.  Ewald bought the farm from his father, John, in 1976.  

Our Cows

We do not raise our cattle to be anything fancy.  We raise them to be as healthy as possible in the local environment.  We have been raising quality beef for decades and are eager to share our beef with our family, friends, and customers.

Our Crops

For decades, Ehrenholz Farms has produced high-quality cereal grains and oilseeds through conventional farming methods, as well as hay for our cows. In 2021, we started a market garden and have been selling farm-fresh veggies in the Barrhead and Edmonton areas.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the farm is a place where the words "abundance" and "life" are in action every day. We strive to build a place where high-quality food is produced in abundance, with an eye to promoting life on the farm, in the local ecosystem, and in the community.

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