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Meet the Ehrenholz Family!


Ewald's family makes up just a small portion of the greater Ehrenholz clan that has its roots in the farm.  Visitors to the farm will commonly encounter the following people:

Ewald Ehrenholz

Ewald grew up on the farm with his seven brothers and sisters.  In 1976, Ewald bought the farm from his father, John, and has been raising cattle and crops ever since.  Ewald's neighbours recognize his expertise and come to him often for help and advice.

Janet Ehrenholz

Janet grew up on various farms in the Chilliwack area of B.C.  She married Ewald in 1991 and spends her time keeping the family going.  She keeps Ewald and Valerie well fed and helps out on the farm when necessary.

Valerie Ehrenholz

Valerie grew up helping her dad on the farm.  After high school she got a B.A. in History and then moved to Olds, AB where she took one year of horticultural training and recently completed an Agricultural Management diploma.  Valerie now farms full-time.  Her farming adventures and misadventures are recorded on her blog.

Janna Ehrenholz

Janna grew up being able to do basic farm chores and was involved in the local 4-H club.  She has had many adventures since graduating from high school and is currently pursuing further education in Edmonton.  She comes back every so often to visit and help out at the farm.  To learn more about her adventures, you can check out her blog.

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