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Ehrenholz Beef

The Ehrenholz Family recognizes the importance of connecting to our food and has been selling meat to friends and family members for decades.  Now we want to offer our high-quality beef to others.


The Ehrenholz Family has been raising beef for over 50 years.  We raise Charolais- and Angus-cross cattle and are carefully selecting our herd for both a superior beef product and cattle that thrive in our climate.  Our beef is raised at home on the farm from birth to slaughter.  The meat is high quality and quite simply delicious.


We believe in raising high-quality beef while treating the animals right.  Our meat is not organic because we believe that treating our cows with medicine when they get sick is more important than raising them completely free of chemicals.  That said, the meat is free of all antibiotics and chemicals at the time of slaughter, as per Canadian regulations.  Our cattle are mainly grass-fed, but are sometimes fed grain in the winter because our winters are hard and they need the extra energy.  We also occasionally use grain as a stress-free bribe to get them into the corrals if we need to sort them for any reason.  In all of our management practices, we put the well-being of our cows first.

Our animals slaughtered for beef are now exclusively grass-fed, unless we need to bribe them into the corrals a few times a year.

Our beef is slaughtered, cut, and wrapped at a provincially inspected abattoir.  We proudly partner with Barrhead Custom Meat Packers Ltd. 

The price of our beef is re-evaluated at semi-regular intervals, as we determine the costs associated with raising our beef cattle to slaughter size.  We do not want our prices to be prohibitive, but we do want to reflect the value that is in our food.

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